A non-profit organization located in Stow, MA. Offering fun and enriching soccer opportunities for children of all ages!
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Uniform and Equipment Information

All players Grade 3/4 (formerly U10):
Must have a Stow Soccer Uniform
Must have shin guards and cleats.

Grade 12 (formerly U8) players:
Must have a Stow Soccer Jersey

Must have shin guards and cleats

Munchkin and Transition players:
Need a ball and a Stow Soccer t-shirt.

Must wear shin guards completely covered by long socks.

First time Munchkin and Transition players will receive a ball and T-shirt.
Soccer cleats are highly recommended but not required

Munchkin / Transition - ball size 3
Grade 1/2 (U8) - ball size 3
Grade 3/4 (U10) and grade 5/6 (U12) - ball size 4
Grade 7/8 (U14) and high school- ball size 5.

-Players of all levels should bring a ball and water bottle to practice.-


Scholarships are available for uniform purchases, and are strictly confidential. Please contact the treasurer for more information.

NOTE: Jewelry or earrings of any kind (including studs) are not allowed. Please be advised NOT to have ears pierced close to or during the soccer season.

For more information contact Beth Gagnon, Uniform Coordinator
978-298-5688  bethg@cisco.com